Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Winter Fun!

Today Lincoln wanted Emmett to ride on the
Lincoln horse. He said that in order for Emmett
to ride I had to pay him $4.00. I had to talk him
down to four quarters instead. This is Emmett
riding the Lincoln Horse. Silly Boys!
On Monday we woke up to all this snow. It
has been the first big snow fall this year. We
decided to take the boys out to play in the snow.
Aren't my boys so cute! This is the snowman
we built, the snow wasn't great packing snow
so this was the biggest snowman we could make.
Emmett loved being out in the snow but just
wanted to get down and walk around. The snow
was so deep that every time he tried to walk
he would fall over and get so mad. Neither of
them wanted to go in the house. We had so much



Nicole, Emmett and Lincoln are just darling! Can't believe how fast kids grow:) Hope you guys are doing well.

Megan Cahoon

oh my silly boys... hayd wants to ride the lincoln horse!