Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Winter Fun!

Today Lincoln wanted Emmett to ride on the
Lincoln horse. He said that in order for Emmett
to ride I had to pay him $4.00. I had to talk him
down to four quarters instead. This is Emmett
riding the Lincoln Horse. Silly Boys!
On Monday we woke up to all this snow. It
has been the first big snow fall this year. We
decided to take the boys out to play in the snow.
Aren't my boys so cute! This is the snowman
we built, the snow wasn't great packing snow
so this was the biggest snowman we could make.
Emmett loved being out in the snow but just
wanted to get down and walk around. The snow
was so deep that every time he tried to walk
he would fall over and get so mad. Neither of
them wanted to go in the house. We had so much

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Way Behind! Part 2

Well here you go a post covering the
last 4 months. I started with Halloween
and went back to July. Sorry for all the
pictures and the long posts. We had a family
halloween party and play the sock game.
All of us with our new socks.
Our family in our Halloween costumes.
Cruella, Jasper, Dalmatian, and Ghost.
Wilma, Fred and Bam Bam
Lincoln had an amazing time trick or treating.
He just wanted to keep going and going. He would
run from one house to the next and then run back
to show me what he had gotten.
It was so nice outside that Emmett came along with
us and was so good just riding in the stroller.
Knocking doors.

Lincoln picked out this hat game from the store
for our family party. He loved playing it with
Mom made these yummy desserts.

Kelsey made these worms out of jello, it was so
gross looking.
Our awesome looking family all dressed up.
We missed you Al.
My 3 amazing boys! I love them all so much.
We got to go to our Ward Halloween party and
had a great time. Lincoln playing games.

We also went to Stringtown Express Train Ride
and had a great time. The boys loved the Train.

We went to Ihop with our friends for Scary
Pancakes and had fun eating breakfast!

Making Halloween Cookies.

We had so many wonderful friends and family
members who came to help us lay our sod. We
now have an amazing backyard.
Thanks everyone for all your help
we couldn't have done it without you!

Just getting started.
Dad let us borrow his four wheeler to haul the
sod. This made it so much easier.
The pumpkin patch.

Two handsome boys.

Wrestling Dad
We went with some friends to barnyard boo.

We had a great couple of months filled with lots
of fun things!

Way Behind! Part 1

This is going to be picture overload,
I have been a slacker when it comes to
blogging lately and am way behind. So
please bear with me as I post about the
last 4 months. My two cute BYU boys!
These boys are starting to be friends and
both love to wear their cougar shirts.
We were able to go to Disneyland in September
with my family and had an amazing time.
The boys loved every minute of it and were
so good. We can't wait to go back again.
Waiting in line for the Toy Story ride. Our silly
Loving some Mickey Mouse Ice Cream.

Lincoln couldn't get enough of the Characters.
Mom and Dad loving Disney!

We got to see all the Halloween decorations.
September was a great time to go, not very many
people and perfect weather.

Waiting anxiously for our first day at Disney Land.
Liz and Andy came to stay with us for a few days
in September and helped us get a good start on
our awful yard.
We rented a sod cutter to get all the old crappy
grass out. It was a ton of work but we were
able to get it all cut out and moved into one
big pile.
The following weekend after cutting it all out,
my family came and helped us haul all of this
into a big dumpster. Thanks everyone
for your help to get us this far.
Craig had a business trip in Las Vegas the end
of August and I was able to go for a few days and
stay with him. We had a great time!
We were able to see Terry Fator and it was
an awesome show. Thanks Mom and
Dad for watching the boys!
Emmett eating spaghetti for the first time and
loving it.
At the farm one day the kids were able to make
pig ears and a nose. Isn't he the most
adorable pig you have ever seen?
The first week of August we were able to go to
Chicago on a Business trip with Craig.
We went to the Brookfield Zoo while we were there
it was an amazing Zoo. Liz and Andy
were able to join us there and we had a great
time visiting with them and enjoying the sites.
The boys couldn't get enough of Gammy and Pop-Pop.

We went to Six Flags!
Lincoln loved all the rides.

Children's museum at Navy Pier.

The Bean at Millennium Park.
Yummy dinner at the Rainforest Cafe.

Enjoying the city double decker bus tour.

Enjoying some Chicago Style pizza.

Chicago ,Illinois - Land of Lincoln

Excited to be off the plane and visiting Gammy and Pop-Pop
Hee-Haws Farm

Craig's 29th Birthday!
Craig's birthday was filled with lots
of fun on the Ward Family Slip-n-slide and
yummy pizza.
We love our Emmett boy! He is
so cute!